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Make monetary contributions to the grassroot realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the yearly conference, which sees a great number of young and brilliant minds from West African Universities and other Higher Institutions come together to negotiate, speak and deliberate for positive resolutions which address real world issues.

Be a bold contributor through a direct donation.

What’s more? You will be contributing to feed the nation, in-line with SDG2 on Zero Hunger, because 10% of all pledge drive funds go to the Lagos Food Bank Initiative, whose main aim is in full service of this cause.

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The Roadmap to a Sustainable Future: A Strategic Approach to Achieving the SDGs through

We are dedicated to the mission of the United Nation as stated in the 1945 charter. We are dedicated to engineering contribution to a stronger, better and a more peaceful world. We strongly believe that this forum can precipitate more innovative solutions to world problems.

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