We at the Lagos Model United Nations have established a criteria for evaluating delegates’ performances. Each elements is as important as its counterpart to the overall determination process. All committees are weighed equally and are rated with a mathematical formula based on performance throughout the whole sessions. Each of our staff has received training in evaluation and ensuring that the best are rewarded. Overly competitive delegates will not be considered as it is against the spirit of diplomacy that we seek to promote.

For evaluation we consider;

  • Remaining in Character: you must advocate for your countries position consistent with your economic, social and geoeconimcal constraints. Being in character means modelling after your country but not in line with negative stereotypes associated with the country assigned. Delegates are to emulate the work of diplomats from that country and their modus operandi. Yelling, standing on chairs, aggressiveness and other arbitrary acts are not staying in character. Remain consistent, diplomatic and professional, caucusing in a manner that is in line with your countries power and position.
  • Participating in the Committee: this is evaluated during both formal and informal sessions. We recognise that your countries position may be opposition or a negotiator, but we expect delegates to support their respective committees facilitating a flow of work and having a huge understanding of committee rules and procedure. Interrupting committee sessions at intermitted will be seen as going against this criteria.
  • Proper Use of Rules and Procedure: issuing the rules of procedure and the delegate preparation guide is why we want to ensure that proper use of rules of procedure is taken into consideration by the delegates to ensure full participation.


Peer votes will be conducted in committees. When voting for your peers please keep in mind that outstanding delegates are those who cooperate and stay in character and not displaying unprofessional behaviour.


Position Paper awards will also be given due to delegates showing their ability to illustrate the problems highlighted and what their assigned country is doing.  Taking a stance through their position papers, the Secretariat of the Lagos Model United Nations will award those who have done this and more. The award will be give based on;

  • Overall Quality of Writing
  • Citation of relevant sources and documents
  • General consistency with geopolitical constraints
  • Consistency with constraints of the UN
  • Analysis of issues rather than reiteration of the Background Guide

*please note that you must meet your submission deadline to be considered for a position paper award