The LMUN Award Policy

To celebrate the spirit of diplomacy and to encourage participation, the Lagos Model United Nations gives out awards on the final day of the conference. These awards are based on a set of predetermined metrics analyzing delegate performance throughout committee sessions. 

Available awards for delegates to win include: Position Paper award, Honourable mention award, Distinguished delegate award and Outstanding delegate award.

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Our staff have received training on evaluation and ensuring that the best performing delegates are rewarded. Be sure to participate in your committee sessions, write a good position paper, and follow the rules of procedure to increase your chances of winning an award.

Considerations Points for Award Eligibility
Staying in Character

Delegates are to emulate the work of diplomats from that country and their modus operandi. Being in character means modelling after your country but not in line with negative stereotypes associated with the country assigned. Yelling, standing on chairs, aggressiveness and other arbitrary acts are not staying in character.

Participating in Committee Sessions

We recognize that your countries position may be opposition or a negotiator, but we expect delegates to support their respective committees facilitating a flow of work. This is evaluated during both formal and informal sessions. Interrupting committee sessions at intermitted will be seen as going against this criteria.

Proper Use of LMUN Rules and Procedures

Issuing the rules of procedure and the delegate preparation guide is why we want to ensure that proper use of rules of procedure is taken into consideration by the delegates to ensure full participation. Yelling, standing on chairs, aggressiveness and other arbitrary acts are not staying in character.

Peer Awards in Commitees

On the final day of the conference, after working papers have become draft resolutions, Dias members may choose to conduct peer awards within the committees. These awards are informal and serve to recognize the dynamic within the committee. 

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